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The Path Center for Healing
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"I sought Dr. Rita out after having two difficult pregnancies that were plagued by kidney issues and surgeries throughout the pregnancies and long stays in St. Francis hospital during the pregnancies.  I sought Dr. Rita out in the hopes of having a better outcome physically.  Chiropractic care was highly recommended my perinatologist and urologist.  I was highly skeptical and never imagined the difference that Dr. Rita would eventually make to my physical health AND my mental health.  Dr. Rita didn’t just adjust my body, she adjusted my mind and helped me to understand and work WITH my body.  Two years ago at this time, with my last pregnancy, I was on heavy pain medications and would have just had my first kidney surgery and began bed rest.  AND NOW!!!  I am just as far along, continuing to do all of my regular daily activities with no restrictions and am pain free!  Dr. Rita did not just make adjustments to my physical body, but helped me to understand how my outlook and mental state can effect/change my physical well being.  She taught me ways to work through my mental anxieties that had an overall effect on my physical body.  Dr. Rita doesn’t just give your body a quick adjustment and send you on your way, she works you through what may be triggering or causing the issue and helps you strategize and overcome the pain by working on it both physically and mentally.  She taught me to stop waiting for the pain to come and focus on how good I feel now and made me realize after a few appointments that by working together with her, we could give me and my baby a whole new experience!  Dr. Rita gave me back the ability to work with my body instead of working against it and masking the problem with medications."

"You gave me hope. You told me I don't have to hurt anymore. I don't feel ostracized when I come in. I like coming in. It's pleasant. Your mom and you are so nice to me and it feels genuine - like you want to help me."

"Dr. Rita, My Drs. appointment yesterday was a success more than I could ever imagine. In my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that I could go off my blood pressure pills. I have to go off slowly, but my dosage has been cut from 25mg to 10 effective today, and if my BP stays like it is (117/70) for 30 days I can go off completely. I attribute this to you showing me the Path to healthy living and eating. I was using my body as a tent instead of a temple as Jimmy Buffett says and I was feeling pretty lousy by January 2013. I turned 60 in November of 2012 and now my body was letting me know this. I heard about your cleanse program from "past Path patients" and thought I can't do that!!! No caffeine, no alcohol, my work schedule won't allow meto do that kind of eating....notice all the negative words!!! Well I can and I did do all of of April 1, 2013 NO caffeine, NO alcohol, and I CAN work my food around my crazy work schedule, I just had to work at it. Today June 4th 2013 I have lost 21 lbs according to the Drs. scale and you see what my BP is and I will keep at it. I have you to thank for showing me my correct Path to follow, and Me to thank for following the Correct Path....Good lord a year ago I NEVER would have gotten up at 530am on Sunday morning for anyone or anything let alone to do a 5k walk as I did on June 2nd, and will do again next year....I will continue on my Path as I now do this as a way of life and I tell everyone and anyone that asks "what have you done, or how have you lost the weight" how I have done this. I could go on but I hope you know by the end of this, how much you have positively impacted my life and lifestyle. Thank you! Two small words but please know that they are full. Sincerely, Path Patient"

"Dr Rita, Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in the Detox Group over the last few weeks. We had talked in the past about some reasons to spend time cleansing, each person had a different reason. My reasons were for stress from work, life and travel; finishing a rather harsh prescription medication; feeling at times like I could not digest/process even small amounts of food leading to more anxiety about others' expectations about what and when I should eat. I had gained weight quickly after finishing the medication and was becoming more concerned about this. During the cleanse, I was lucky to have my husband commited to the process. I had been thinking about limiting my meat intake, but sometimes a steak is just "easier" to prepare. There is some preparation time to do the cleanse, but the decisions are different from "what do you want to eat?, what are you going to order?, etc.". The decisions are about making time to go shopping, prep the foods to be ready during the week to combine the different options. Decision making is reduced."

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